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OMNIA is an Arizona Limited Liability Company founded to assist and guide clients during the entire complex and intricate processes of project development. We provide overall or specific management services during project development by implementing strategic, well organized and valuable management practices during the entire development of public and private projects in the USA and Mexico.


We believe that our knowledge and expertise can make a difference while planning and spending your Public or Private funds. We have firsthand experience in Architecture, Engineering and Construction as well as complex project budgeting to successfully complete your project the best possible way. We as an integral part of your team work to identify best practices at any phase of the development process to ensure proper spending and proper fund allocation and arrange for the project to be executed with ease and precision. Our main goal is to pave the way so you may spend every Dollar wisely.


We solve the accountability intricacies for every team member working directly or indirectly for the owner. We work together with attorneys to write complex contracts and enforce contracts by verifying the delivery of any task is always per the agreed strict stipulations of the contract. OMNIA’s management can produce the results so you as the client can receive immediate benefits at different levels. We measure the outcome on the financial successes of the project.


OMNIA’s work environment is always categorized as a learning environment where individuals, companies or entire teams share their unique expertise, talent and ideas to move the project forward to a successful conclusion. We believe our committment and expertise will mark the difference in your current or future projects. 


"Effective Project Development through comprehensive focused management". Let us become an integral part of your team and experience immediate positive results."


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